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Current residents can view and create maintenance requests via the tenant portal.

Click the TENANT PORTAL button above to be directed to the login page.


Emergency maintenance requests (flooding/plumbing, safety, heating, water heater issues, mold, carbon monoxide leaks, leaky roofs, insects/rodents, gas appliance concerns, etc.) should be reported to maintenance at 313-825-4924 to ensure immediate dispatch of the emergency request. 


Before submitting a maintenance request, please read through the following list of common maintenance problems and suggested solutions.  If you still cannot find the problem and/or solution to your maintenance issue, please submit a maintenance request. Instructions for submitting a maintenance request can be found towards the bottom of this page.


Common maintenance problems and suggested solutions:


P: Smoke detector is beeping

S: Install a fresh new battery.


P: Low water pressure in the faucet or shower head 

S: The aerator may be clogged. Twist off the end of the aerator (the tip of the faucet where the water comes out), clean it or tap it gently to remove particles and reinstall by screwing it back.


P: Drain clogged

S: Hair and debris can often be removed from the drain stopper. The drain stopper piece can be removed and reinstalled easily. Plungers should be used to clear drains. Please do NOT use liquid plumber.


P: Light fixture not working

S: Replace the bulb or check the break box to see if the breaker is tripped. If it is, reset the breaker.


P: Electrical outlet not working

S: Locate and check the breaker box to see if the breaker has tripped. Make sure you do not have too much load on any one circuit (ie space heater + hair dryer). If the problem is with an outlet located in the kitchen or bathroom, check the GFCI switch.


P: Toilet back up

S: Please remember that only organic products should be flushed down the toilet. Use a plunger to unclog.


P: Toilet keeps running

S: First, trying jiggling the handle. Open the tank lid to check whether or not the chain or flapper is stuck in the open position. Adjust to close.


P: Garbage disposal problems

S: Turn switch off. The reset button is located on the bottom of the garbage disposal that must be turned manually with an allen wrench.


P: Ants or other insects

S: Ant and other insect infestations are predominantly a resident's responsibility to resolve. Keep areas clean and dry. Install ant/insect traps in locations where pests are present. If problem persists, please submit a request.


P: Dryer taking too long to dry clothes

S: Clean the lint trap before and after each use.


P: Lost keys/lock out

S: Assistance with lock outs and lost keys can be addressed during normal business hours. If keys are lost or a lock out occurs during off hours, you may try calling the emergency maintenance line or call and pay for a locksmith. Please note that lock outs will incur a lock out fee.


P: Light gas smell in kitchen

S: The pilot light on the range may be out. Relight pilot.


P: Fridge not cooling properly

S: Overfilling the freezer is usually the cause of this problem. Remove items from your freezer or check your control settings.


P: Dishwasher not cleaning dishes well

S: There is a possibility that hot water may not be getting to the dishwasher quick enough. To resolve this, run the hot water in the kitchen faucet for about one minute before starting the dishwasher.


Submitting maintenance requests:

Requests can be submitted via the following channels:

**Emergency requests should be called into the maintenance line at 586-279-1436 Ext. 1 to ensure immediate dispatch**

1) Submit a request via the tenant portal

2) Email

3) Call the maintenance hotline at 586-279-1436 Ext. 1


Emergency requests are dispatched immediately to the appropriate handyman, contractor or 3rd party company. All other requests are dispatched in order of priority. When a work order is dispatched, a "dispatch conversation" is started in the tenant portal. If you do not hear from someone from the maintenance team within 24 hours of that "dispatch conversation," you are urged to follow up by adding a comment to the conversation, emailing or calling 586-279-1436 Ext. 1


Maintenance request follow-up:
Due to the number of requests the maintenance department receives within a 24 hour period, we strongly urge our tenants to communicate with us as much as possible to make sure their requests are taken care of in a timely manner. Tenants can follow up on maintenance requests by (1) viewing all their open work orders in the tenant portal, (2) emailing or (3) calling 586-279-1436 Ext. 1. You should receive a response from the maintenance team with an update.

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